[pmwiki-users] Viewing different versions of a page

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Oct 27 05:52:45 CDT 2006

Kathryn Andersen said...
> One of my users has come to me asking if there's a way of viewing
> specific versions of a page (so that he can say "everybody, go and look
> at version X of page Y") -- to *view* it, not to *edit* it.  I know that
> one can click on History, Restore and then Preview, but that's not
> really suitable for naieve users.
> I know that this has been brought up before (refer
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.wiki.pmwiki.user/28573/)
> but I was wondering if there was some sort of (a) workaround (b) plugin
> or (c) if/when such functionality would be available in the core?

I'd find this useful too. I'm sure a recipe could be cooked up to 
automate applying the history, but I don't know, and doubt, whether 
there's a useful tag to identify the version. Over to Patrick, I think.

Of course, you could always use Subversion :-) <ducks and runs>


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