[pmwiki-users] More ZAP tweaks and ZAP forum

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Oct 27 05:25:26 CDT 2006

Just noticed the ZAPforum tutorial broke with yesterday's ZAP release.
 I made a small fix to the tutorial and a put an explanation at the
bottom. It *should* fix it.  Not tested.

Evidently you can't have a field comment and store it in the textvar
directive format (:field: var:) as it gets confused with the comment
directive.  So change the fieldname to remark or something.  Or even
comments should work.

Also, I did make a couple other small changes to ZAP and released a
newer still version this morning, that *shouldn't* affect the
ZAPforum.  : )

Basically todays release changes how you retrieve the {$thread}
variable, to make it much more flexible. It also made a fix that now
enables you to use page variables in form lockpatterns. And I put up
documentation about the hidden fields capability in ZAP in the
security and features section.  Lastly, I added documentation about a
very useful field replacement feature which has been around for awhile
in ZAP but somehow got missed in the documentation.


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