[pmwiki-users] shared storage via http? and upload via http

Stefan Schimanski sts at 1stein.org
Thu Oct 26 09:16:50 CDT 2006

I guess the problem is that PHP cannot "stat" files with http:// urls:


The PageStore calls file_exists which then tries to stat the page which
fails. Probably replacing the file_exists in the PageStore by some fopen
(which is supported for http://) construction will give you an http://
enabled PageStore.


> If I'm correct, it's possible from php to read data via http/ftp and so 
> I tried this:
> $LockFile = "$FarmD/shared.d/.flock";
>     $WikiLibDirs = array(
>       &$WikiDir,
>       new PageStore('http://www.ddy.ch/pm/laden/wiki.d/$FullName'),
>       new PageStore('$FarmD/shared.d/$FullName', 1),
>       new PageStore('$FarmD/wikilib.d/$FullName'));
> There ist no error, but additonal pages are not found either.
> Question:
> Would it theoretically possible to extend a wiki like that?
> May be it would be extremly slow?
> Also for the upload it would be nice to be able to *copie* data via http.
> It doesn't work (but the upload-page works with a html-mechanisme to 
> upload files, which is a different case).
> regards
> Patrick Ogay

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