[pmwiki-users] Proposal: version control for cookbooks recipes

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Wed Oct 25 10:18:28 CDT 2006

On Oct 25, 2006, at 10:59 AM, marc wrote:

>> I find the entire mental layout & execution of SVN annoying, while I
>> find the idea and philosophy brilliant.  For me, it's like trying to
>> wear my boots backwards: I'm not entirely adverse, but I'm going to
>> be resistive and it's going to be painful.
> Maybe you've always worn your boots backwards and the difficulty  
> you are
> having is wearing them the right way round :-)

It's all subjective reality.  What's "right" for me wouldn't be  
"right" for you.  The problem with some tools is they dictate what  
hand you have to use them with -- and it's not going to work for a  
lefty or an amputee.  In my subjective world, I may be broken, but  
I'm pretty darned used to being that way ;)  I have a lot more going  
on that warrants a daily back-up or versioning system than just  

I look forward to Leopard (OS X's next operating system version)  
because it will completely render thoughts of versioning software  
(Adobe's Version Cue for my graphic design work, or SVN or etc.)  
irrelevant and the only thing I have to do is continue to back my  
computer up daily (the entire computer will be version controlled --  
WHEEEEEEE! ).  And because that will work transparently for my entire  
computer, I don't have to worry about whether I'm right handed, left  
handed, have hands, or wear my boots backwards.  I just have to take  
my computer's version of the WayBackmachine for a spin if I need to  
recover something.  It should be interesting, and wasteful.  Yay  
large hard drives.  If I accidentally save over an old MS Word (or  
Open Office) contract, I can recover it, and I never had to think  
about adding my entire client folder to my SVN repository to do it.

Now, if WebDAV supports drag & drop to save to the repository, I  
might store my plug-ins there instead of Attach:X.php.  Or if it's as  
easy as changing from Attach: to SVN:.  If it's that simple, it works  
for me.

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