[pmwiki-users] Hiding groups like

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Wed Oct 25 08:13:59 CDT 2006

Bart <pmwiki-users <at> mediamatrix.nl> writes:

> Hi, 
> Once I read a trick from Pm how to hide the group "Pmwiki" from displaying
> if you type the URL of a page from that group. 
> E.g the URL your domain/PmWiki/DocumentationIndex would give a "page not
> found" 
> Iirc it was done by adding some code to config.php 
> Can anyone tell me how this can be done??
Your earlier post in another thread said you didn't want to use CMSMode (but
didn't follow it closely enough to know why), but have you taken a look at
the underlying code for ideas?

Here is a relevant bit of code from Hagan's CMSMode.php that might be
what you are looking for:

  ## Deny access to certain groups / pages.
  if (preg_match('!^(PmWiki|Test|Profiles)\\.!', $pagename)
    || (preg_match("!^$SiteGroup".'\\.!', $pagename)
      && !preg_match('!\\.(Search|ActionLog)$!', $pagename))
    || preg_match('!\\.(GroupHeader|GroupFooter|GroupAttributes|
    WikiSandbox|AuthUser)$!', $pagename)) 
    global $DefaultPage; Redirect($DefaultPage);


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