[pmwiki-users] Does Wikipublisher override the default edit page?

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Tue Oct 24 14:43:03 CDT 2006

I discovered an odd problem today.

If I have wikipublisher enabled (latest version, just updated it to the 
latest), the Summary: box for editing pages is not shown on an edit page.  If 
I disable Wikipublisher, I have a summary box.

My config looks like:


$Skin = 'beeblebrox';

(Other stuff too, but that's the order the directives fall.)

It happens with other skins too (such as plain) whereas those skins work just 
fine on other wikis in the farm.

I know there is a Site.WikipublisherEdit in Wikipublisher's wikilib directory, 
but even that file has a Summary directive.  What is Wikipublisher doing that 
is stripping the summary box out of the edit screen?  Did I miss something?



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