[pmwiki-users] ZAP snippets - FORUM - some test results

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Oct 24 04:57:22 CDT 2006

On 10/24/06, OBUTEX / Hladůvka <admin at obutex.com> wrote:
> I tested the great snippets as Guest an here are some comments:
> - comments show only 1st line of  multiline text. Probably the comment
> box is a textbox - not a magicbox

Actually the problem lies in how text vars work.  I hadn't noticed
it--but others have already pointed it out to Pm, and he is
considering possible solutions.  As soon as I here something from Pm,
I'll fix this problem--have several options.

> - if empty comment is posted it is saved. Could it be checked not to
> save empty box?

Yes, just use a "required" field, already built in to zap.

> - is there a template for adding comments? How to change the look of  a
> forum page  like http://www.fast.st/zap/pmwiki.php?n=Snippets-Forum.1000
> for example change the "Support Forum" to somesthing else; or how to do
> I18N ?

The comments are actually pagelists using a custom pagelisttemplate
using text vars.  So anything you can do in a pagelist you can do with
the comments.

To change the look of a forum page, you simply modify the groupfooter,
where the markup is put.  Again you can make it look however you want.
 It is extremely flexible.

Unfortunately, I don't really know anything about I18N, yet, but it
should be the same as anywhere else in PmWiki.  All ZAP really does is
manipulate and store data in a format that PmWiki can easily retrieve
anywhere and do whatever it wants with.

> P.S. Caveman, delete the threads 1002..1005 from Snippets.Forum, please.

Deleted.  Thanks for stopping in.


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