[pmwiki-users] blocklist - the order does matter

JB jbit at ev1.net
Thu Oct 19 23:58:52 CDT 2006

> The order really doesn't matter -- all of the blocklist
> pages ultimately get used, and the unblock: entries are processed 
> after all of the blocklist pages have been loaded.

This seems to be fundamentally wrong in the fact that 
once something is unblocked it cannot be blocked.

For instance, suppose Site.Blocklist-MoinMaster blocks 
something and the Site.Blocklist-Farm unblocks it, then
then local wiki Site.Blocklist cannot block (or re-block) 
it.  A local wiki might have a contextual reason to block 
something that might not be blocked for a farm.

I would suggest processing the these 5 "default" 
block/unblock lists in this order:

  Site.Blocklist-Chongqed   ($FarmD/shared.d)
  Site.Blocklist-MoinMaster ($FarmD/shared.d)
  Site.Blocklist-PmWiki     ($FarmD/shared.d)
  Site.Blocklist-Farm       ($FarmD/shared.d)
  Site.Blocklist            (./wiki.d)

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