[pmwiki-users] Preformatted Text and Paragraph Indent

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Oct 19 21:53:49 CDT 2006

Pm asks about leading spaces -> preformatted text:
> But I also need to ask:  When you ask if there's some way to
> "disable it", are you asking to entirely disable the
> "leading spaces produce preformatted text" rule in PmWiki?

The Editor writes:
> Yes.  I don't use it for anything.  Don't need it.  Could get rid of
> it completely.

Tegan Dowling adds:
> Ditto (just as a datum for you); this has never been anything but a
> problem to me or to anyone using any of our 40+ installed instances of
> the software.

Pico adds:
> I have been wanting an option to turn this off both for commenting
> (entry by novice users) and for specialized uses (where white space
> within preformatted text will cause a skin to change the font, causing
> text to mis-align).

Okay, we'll make this an easily switchable option in an upcoming
beta.  :-)

Thanks for the very helpful opinions.


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