[pmwiki-users] Time Zone problem

Craig Maas austingleat at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 13:25:25 CDT 2006

My copy of PMWiki errors out on the Time Zone.

$TimeFmt='%m-%d-%Y %H:%M'; 

It's been working for almost a year and was working as
late as 10/2. I had to comment out the configuration
line to get the wiki working again.

I asked my host if they updated the PHP but haven't
gotten any responce, so I thought I'd ask here if you
know of anything that would cause this message to
appear on all my pages:

Warning: putenv(): Safe Mode warning: Cannot set
environment variable 'TZ' - it's not in the allowed
list in
on line 14

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers
already sent by (output started at
on line 727

I'm a newbie but hopefully it's something easy to fix.

Thank You,
Craig Maas

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