[pmwiki-users] RSS & password-protected pages

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Wed Oct 18 05:21:10 CDT 2006


Patrick R. Michaud wrote on 18.10.2006 07:03:
> While the PHP code does know the cleartext passwords that have been
> entered for a session, it doesn't really know which one is the "correct"
> one.  Still, we could possibly have a custom {$AuthPw} variable that 
> returns the last password enetered, and maybe that would be good enough.

I tried to implement that, and failed. The problem is that I don't find
a way to make the script remember the last password entered - when the
user switches pages, inevitably all global or static variables get reset
and "forget" their former values.

Could you point me to a solution?


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