[pmwiki-users] RFP? Page Ranking / Favorites / Most popular

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue Oct 17 13:33:51 CDT 2006

Anyone here have any good ideas for how to go about a page-ranking  
recipe in PmWiki?

We've opened up all kinds of new and wonderful datastoring  
techniques.  I'm wondering if there are any good techniques for page- 
popularity votes and coming up with a "favorite" page?

There are a couple voting/ranking recipes, but they don't quite  
fulfill my desires.  They may also be outdated if their data storage  
techniques can be updated.

We have a new invisible page data format:
(:Xyz: some value:)         # directive form

We have PM coming up with an "I can append but I can't edit"  
authentication mechanism.

We could require people to be logged in and do something like:
(:Vote$Author: Rank:)

-- only to store the data.  How it looks on the voting end is far  
more arbitrary.  A simple wiki form of any type with action=ranking  
hidden variable could do it.  I can customize the code to get the  
data stored on the page.  I'm just wondering how to best handle it.

Every time the page updates it calculates an "average rank" page  
(:AverageRank: (Formula):)
Formula can be something like

total (each Rank * 1000) / number of votes  (comes up with a whole  
number rather than floating point, and makes it a bit easer to sort)

Then it's a matter of a pagelist that figures out which page is most  

The form can be easily made unavailable if the user has already voted  
on a particular page, since their $Author name is in the variable  
name.  Or it can be arranged that they can change their vote, but  
only one vote per login name.

Should the vote data be on the actual page, on the same page in  
another group?  It could get long.  The (:AverageRank: #### :) could  
be on the same page, easing pagerank calculations considerably.

Inquiring minds want to know.


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