[pmwiki-users] Pagelists, adjunct data pages & variable sort orders

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue Oct 17 11:04:42 CDT 2006

On Oct 17, 2006, at 11:28 AM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> Oh, sorry, I had the second argument to PageTextVar() incorrect --
> the $: should be omitted from the argument.  Try the following instead
> (tested on pmwiki.org):
>     $FmtPV['$Year'] =
>       "PageTextVar('Data-'.MakeBaseName(\$pn), 'Year')";
>     $FmtPV['$Work'] =
>       "PageTextVar('Data-'.MakeBaseName(\$pn), 'Work')";
>     $FmtPV['$WAuthor'] =
>       "PageTextVar('Data-'.MakeBaseName(\$pn), 'WAuthor')";
> I've also replaced the recursive call to PageVar(...) with
> a direct call to MakeBaseName() -- this should also be an
> improvement.


Is this method more efficient than the other method you gave?  I  
currently have custom sorts that look up the data, rather than  
pulling the data into the pages as page variables from the get go.

Other method -- I have:
// custom page sorts

     function DataCompare($x, $y, $var) {
       ## get the Data- versions of the pagenames
       $datax = 'Data-' . PageVar($x, '$BaseName');
       $datay = 'Data-' . PageVar($y, '$BaseName');

       ## perform the requested comparison
       $c = strcmp(PageVar($datax, $var), PageVar($datay, $var));
       return $c;

     $PageListSortCmp['year'] = 'DataCompare($x, $y, "$:Year")';
     $PageListSortCmp['work'] = 'DataCompare($x, $y, "$:Work")';
     $PageListSortCmp['wauthor'] = 'DataCompare($x, $y, "$:WAuthor")';

And it's working!  Much to my relief.

> I don't remember how you're handling categories... but yes, you
> may be able to do that.

I have categories such as Category/Author-AuthorTName -- when linking  
to them from pagelists I have to pull the "Author T. Name" from the  
page data to build the category link.  That T. in there is a real  
problem, so the period needs to be stripped.  While I'm at it, I  
strip all illegal characters from the pagename -- might as well.  If  
I don't need to do that,  I can change to str_replace, though.

     $FmtPV['$sWAuthor'] = "preg_replace('/[^A-Za-z0-9 -]/', '',  
PageTextVar('Data-'.MakeBaseName(\$pn), 'WAuthor'))";

I might need the : in there if only because a book title with a : in  
it would keep the colon in the Category/Title-Book:AReallyLongBook.   
Otherwise, I don't really use :'s in Category titles.

So far my custom link markup seems to work just fine -- it strips the  
illegal characters, and doesn't seem too slow.

>>    I have
>>      Markup('{$var}', '>$[phrase]',
>>        '/\\{(\\*|!?[-:\\w.\\/\\x80-\\xff]*)(\\$:?\\w+)\\}/e',
>>        "htmlspecialchars(PageVar(\$pagename, '$2', '$1'),  
>>    in my config.php -- I tried commenting it out and my {$:Vars}  
>> broke
> Yes.  You need the custom {$var} rule here because some of your
> pages' names have colons in them.
> Pm

Great, this time I'll comment WHY it's there so I don't forget.  You  
never think you'll forget something til you forget it. :P  Given my  
circumstances, I really ought to know better.

One more question:

How would one use a searchbox to search a specific field.  I have the  
alphabetical links that do $:Work=T* -- if I want the contents of the  
searchbox ("Blue") to become $:Work=*Blue* so that one can find all  
pages with Blue in the title.... is there a way to transfer q=Blue to  
$:Work=*Blue* ??


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