[pmwiki-users] "Ghost Pages" in RecentChanges

Steve Glover steve at fell-services.net
Tue Oct 17 06:19:00 CDT 2006


Is there any way, please, to stop deleted pages showing up in the 
RecentChanges page?

We had a page Documents.ConversionTools visible to all users of our site 
that we replaced by Main.ConversionTools (visible only to logged-in 
users). However, the Documents.RecentPages still shows ConversionTools 
with a questionmark, and we'd really like it not to be visible at all.

Taking the extreme action of deleting the RecentPages page didn't help - 
the ghost page still showed up on searches - and recreating the 
RecentPages page not only didn't magically pick up the changes listed 
before, but ended up formatting the subsequent changes into a very 
narrow column....

Is there a way to regenerate the RecentChanges page based only on pages 
that actually exist?


Steve Glover, Fell Services Ltd.
Home: steve at fell.demon.co.uk, 0131 551 3835
Away: steve.glover at ukonline.co.uk, 07961 446 902

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