[pmwiki-users] Relative page links problem

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Mon Oct 16 07:15:36 CDT 2006

I have switched a site to v2.2.0 beta 14 and solved most of the relative 
page problems in its sidebar. However, one problem remains.

The site sidebar contains:

  (:if !group site :)
  (:include {*$Group}.sidebar:) (:if:)

A typical group.Sidebar contains something like:

  %sidehead% [[Marc/]]
  (:pagelist link=Category.MarcHeadings fmt=#title order=title:)

This is working fine in all cases, except when displaying search 
results, when the %sidehead% displays, but the pagelist doesn't.

Perhaps this isn't related to relative pages, but it's got me stumped. 
Any ideas?


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