[pmwiki-users] Auth user and group for read, edit, upload to certain wikigroups

Boris Schwarz boris.schwarz at inode.at
Fri Oct 13 18:40:16 CDT 2006

HI, Im am trying to get user authentiction working, were i can allow certain
user groups to read edit upload to certain site groups. For example:
I want john and marry who are in group managemnt to be able to read edit and
upload to pages in mgt.homepage
A then i want john and mary and jack and jill to be ablle to edit read and
upload to main.homepage.
But i want to restrict jack and jill from being able to read edit upload to
pages from mgt.*
I know this would be alot easier if i would set standard passwords for
certain wikigroups, but i would 
like to keep the users individual password thus user identification since a
ldap autentication is requested. 
Same logins and password should be used as the domain login to keep things
What i am aiming at is it possible. Does one of you have a smiliar
configuration. I did not find any intructions/config examples
that really touched what i would like to do or misunderstood them.
It would be great if one of you could give me a push in the right direction.
I have Authuser.php setup and running without ldap. Just plain simple id and
password setting in the config.php
Boris Schwarz
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