[pmwiki-users] Relative links

Steve Glover steve at fell-services.net
Fri Oct 13 05:22:03 CDT 2006


Is there a mechanism for including relative links in PMWiki? Links 
inside the wiki are no problem (obviously), and links to external sites 
are fine, but I've a number of links to non-wiki pages on the same site, 
and as I've got what's effectively the same site on three different 
subdomains, it's a pain to have to keep editing the hardcoded URLs every 
time I move stuff from one to another.

Ideally I'd like to be able to do something like

[[ /news | news page ]] or [[ docs/guide.rtf | user manual ]]

but the wiki doesn't want to play.

Alternatively, if it was possible to do something like

[[ docroot:/news | news page ]]

and have

$DocRoot = "http://whatever.domain.tld";

In the config file?


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