[pmwiki-users] Acronyms

Jan Hegewald hegewald at cab.bau.tu-bs.de
Fri Oct 13 01:28:18 CDT 2006


Am 12.10.2006 um 18:36 schrieb Chris Cox:

>>> Install the recipe and then use the markup of:
>>> {abbreviation|explanatory text}
>> ok, thanks for pointing me to this recipe. However, what I mean is a
>> way to keep a global list of abbreviations, so I don�t have to type
>> {TIA|thanks in advance} everywhere I just want to write TIA. Is this
>> possible with MarkupExtensions? The Acronyms recipe seems to provide
>> this feature. Or do I have to downgrade to version 1 of pmwiki?
> This could be more difficult that it seems.  Context could
> be important.  That's what makes it more difficult.

But it was possible with the old Acronyms recipe, or did I get it wrong?
Other wikis also seem do do it via a global list, e.g dokuwiki:
The acronym/abbreviation feature was one of the things that made me  
try pmwiki. Now I do not know if/how I can get it to work. Typing the  
abbreviation every time is just too cumbersome, also if you already  
know it from mind, you don´t need a tooltip.

-- Jan

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