[pmwiki-users] New Wiki Page Forms

Scott scott at skhanselman.com
Thu Oct 12 15:44:16 CDT 2006


I've looked at the recipes that use forms to create pages and I thought the the
FastDATA or the new ZAP Forms would do it, but I'm not sure I fully understand
the concept behind the saving data and retrieving the data.

My needs seem fairly simple -- I'd like to have a form with several fields that
a user enters data into. That data then is submitted to create a new wiki page
(I guess like PITS).

The other form recipes just create a blank page.

So I'd like something like the following:

<input 1> - as the new page name
<input 2>
<input 3>
<input 4>

So the new page is created as <input 1> then <input 2,3,4> is the actual page's

Is this possible? Am I missing something with the existing recipes? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Also, for caveman and the new ZAP Forms. Do I understand it correctly -- The
data that is saved and retrieved are not actual wiki pages.


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