[pmwiki-users] bibliography demonstrator: what is a good markup?

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Oct 11 21:08:23 CDT 2006

Thanks to Christian's always brilliant input, there is a
demonstrator of simple bibliography support at

We'd be interested in any advice on choosing a suitable markup.
The current test markup supports:


The simplest markup is cite(refid) where refid can contain many characters, 
including -.: and special characters like Ridderström -- these are 
automatically treated in the reference anchor. It uses a $CiteSpacedFunction
to turn refid into reference text, adjusted based on the qualifiers.

cite(Rankin:2006) --> Rankin (2006)
cite(Rankin:2006"p 10") --> Rankin (2006, p 10)
cite(Rankin:2006"see"") --> see Rankin (2006)
cite(Rankin:2006"see"p 10") --> see Rankin (2006, p 10)

Pcite(Rankin:2006) --> (Rankin, 2006)
pcite(Rankin:2006) --> Rankin 2006
icite(Rankin:2006) --> Rankin, 2006

cite(dellaSoul:2006) --> della Soul (2006)
Cite(dellaSoul:2006) --> Della Soul (2006)

cite(Soo:Grabbitt:Runn:2004) --> Soo et al. (2004)
citE(Soo:Grabbitt:Runn:2004) --> Soo, Grabbitt and Runn (2004)

citet(Rankin:2006) --> (2006)
citeT(Rankin:2006) --> Rankin
citei(Rankin:2006"priv. comm.") --> (priv. comm.)

cite(dAlembert:1850) --> d'Alembert (1850)

nocite(Rankin:2001) --> include in the bibliography but without a reference to it

All combinations of [Ppi], [Cc], [eE], [Tti] and "..."..." are supported.
And you can choose date or numbered references.

cite(ref1, ref2, ref3) is not supported.

You define the list of citations inside a block on the page:

(:bib <options> :)

A citation is of the form:

[*#:] refid"reference text" citation text

If the reference text is omitted, it uses the refid, suitably spaced.
The citation text is what appears in the bibliography. If the citation
text contains "yyyy-mm-dd (an ISO date wrapped in quotes), it turns
into 'accessed on dd month year' (format is configurable).

The <options> include:

page="Page1 Page2 Page3" -- include citations from those pages

fmt=bib -- print a full bibliography of the citation list (normally,
unreferrenced citations are omitted from the list)

fmt=num -- use numeric citation style, ie Rankin [3] instead of Rankin (2006)

There are many other options. The citation text is just regular wiki text;
there are no author, title, publisher, year fields. This is for simple
bibliographies. It thus does not support BibTeX, EndNote or other citation
database formats. There is no forms interface for entering citations.

At the moment, it's HTML only -- it simply doesn't work with Wikipublisher.
It generates valid wikibook xml, but the xsl that turns this into LaTeX
for print needs enhancing.

Feedback on a simple markup that supports all the various combinations
currently identified would be welcome. We looked at the natbib markup
as a guide -- this would be one option. At the moment, I think the 
[Ppi]?[Cc]it[eE][Tti]?(refid"notes") markup is "orthogonal" -- you can
vary each setting independently of the others and it does the right thing.
I hope this makes sense...
John Rankin

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