[pmwiki-users] access control

Jan Hegewald hegewald at cab.bau.tu-bs.de
Tue Oct 10 02:23:29 CDT 2006

Hello pmwiki fellows,
I´m new to wikis and webservers, so please be patient with me (-;
If just installed pmwiki and it runs fine on my local apache  
webserver. As I want to use the wiki mainly to hold personal  
documentation of my daywork, I want to restrict public access.
I have set a
in the config.php which seems to work: if I go to http://myip/ 
~mywebspace/pmwiki/pmwiki.php a password is needed to continue. But  
if I use the direct path to a file in wiki.d the full contents of the  
file are shown e.g. with http://myip/~mywebspace/pmwiki/wiki.d/Test.Test

I guess this is a basic question but I couldn´t find anything about  
it in the docs. Do I have to limit access via the webserver to solve  

Many TIA,
-- Jan

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