[pmwiki-users] Problem with page creation

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Mon Oct 9 20:37:34 CDT 2006


I have the following in the sidebar:

sidehead% Info
* [[Dates|Dates]]
* [[Retrieve|Retrieve Data]]
* [[Summaries|Summaries]]
%sidehead% About
* [[About/Copyrights|Copyrights]]
* [[About/Credits|Credits]]
* [[About/Disclaimers|Disclaimers]]

%right% [-[[Site.SideBar?action=edit | edit SideBar]]-]

I have a few pages in: Dates

1. If I just click on dates, I get to the proper page:
2. If I click:
   First: About copyrights
   Second: Dates

Instead of getting the proper page, I get a blank page:
About.Dates instead of Info.Dates

I use the fixflow skin on Pm:2.1.26

Any suggestion?

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