[pmwiki-users] cleaning up wiki folder

Henrik henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 9 20:28:27 CDT 2006

Scripts dir contain most of the PmWiki application. You can't remove that.

wikilib.d contains system wiki pages. PmWiki.<pagenames> to the best of 
my knowledge are help pages, so in principle you could remove them, but 
make a copy in case something goes wrong. Some or most of the rest 
(Site....) are expected by the application.

- Henrik

potax flan wrote:
> i guess the "docs" folder is not crucial for my wiki to run ok, but i
> do not dare to delete the "scripts" and the "wikilib.d" from the
> server. can i do that without risking anything?
> this may sound silly, but you need to understand i have very little
> server space as of now...
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