[pmwiki-users] PageLists of database contents

Ben Stallings Ben at InterdependentWeb.com
Mon Oct 9 17:43:56 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>> Second, if you try searching the Source group at 
>> http://www.workscited.net/ben/Site/Search , it doesn't appear to search 
>> page text variables... which was the whole point of putting the records 
>> in that format.  For example, search for $:firstname=Will.  No dice, 
>> although you can see by clicking the editing link above that record 12's 
>> firstname is Will.  Ideas?
> Not at the moment -- seems like it ought to work.  What if
> you just use a page text variable directly in a page, as opposed
> to going through (:pagelist:) to get it -- does it correctly
> grab values of {$:firstname} for records in the Source group?
> I.e., does {Source.12$:firstname} work?

No, it doesn't.  I think the problem is that although my DataStore 
class's read method is able to fool the pagelist function, it's not 
quite pageish enough to fool the page-text-variable function.

I tried editing (the virtual) Source.12 and saving it as an actual page: 
this caused page-text-variables to start working immediately.  I opened 
the new page with a text editor and saw that it had a bunch of new 
headers in addition to the text= one that my read method created.  I 
systematically deleted these until I found that deleting the first line --
  version=pmwiki-2.2.0-beta14 ordered=1 urlencoded=1
-- caused page text variables to stop working.

So I modified the read method to generate that line as follows:
  $page['version'] = "$Version ordered=1 urlencoded=1";
No dice.  Tried dividing it up into three variables:
  $page['version'] = $Version;
  $page['ordered'] = 1;
  $page['urlencoded'] = 1;
Still nothing.  Tried setting ordered=0 and urlencoded=0.  Nope.  Tried 
replacing the \n linebreaks with %0a and toggling urlencoded again. 
Didn't help.

I'm sure it's something very simple... I need to set $JeNeCestQuoi=1, 
perhaps.  So for your debugging pleasure, here's the read method of the 
pre-alpha DataStore class:

function read($pagename, $since=0) {
    global $DQdb, $DQglobals, $Version;
    $tables = strtolower(FmtPageName('$Group',$pagename));
    if ($tables != $this->group) return;
    $display = strtolower(FmtPageName('$Name',$pagename));
    if ((!$display) or ($display == $tables)) {
       $page['text'] = "(:pagelist group=".ucwords($tables).":)";
       return $page;
    list($primary) = $DQdb->MetaPrimaryKeys($tables);
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM $tables WHERE $primary = $display";
    if (!$rs = $DQdb->Execute($sql)) return;
    ### here's the troublesome bit ###
    $page['version'] = "$Version ordered=1 urlencoded=1";
    $page['text'] = "(:title $tables record #$display:)\n";
    if ($data = $rs->FetchRow()) {
       foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
          if (!in_array("$tables.$key",$DQglobals['offLimits'])) {
             $page['text'] .= "$key:$value\n\n";
    return @$page;

First person to solve the puzzle gets a week's supply of Je Ne C'est 
Quoi!  Thanks in advance.  --Ben S.

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