[pmwiki-users] pmwiki - displays only white page apache2/php5

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Sun Oct 8 03:33:48 CDT 2006

 >>having something to do with the PHP configuration.
 >sounds like either the:
 >session.save_handler files
 >session.save_path /valid/directory/location/with/proper/permissions

According to what I have read is the default place /tmp  which is writeable
I tried other places, no result.
I turnd on the compatibility mode, in pmwiki
no result. (I didn't test it in php.ini, because I need php5 in for 
another application..)

But finally I installed  libapache2-mod-php4
=>The pmwiki-installation works perfectly with php4!!!!

Seems that's not possible to load both mod-php4 and php5.
I'm  trying  to get php5 (or php4)  running as cgi.

Patrick O.

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