[pmwiki-users] AuthUser group question

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Fri Oct 6 11:53:07 CDT 2006

I am running PmWiki 2.1.26 on a production site that uses Apache BA 
to grant overall access.

Within the wiki, I am using authorization groups to fine-tune the 
access. Does the new and improved AuthUser recognize "subtraction" 
from a group? As in:

@PrivateOne: *, -NeilHerber

The effect I desire here is to have everyone with an ID be part of 
the PrivateOne group *except for* NeilHerber.

This did not work in 2.1.21, but that was before the new group code 
(that accesses .htgroup files) was born.

The two workarounds I have are:
1) Explicitly name all group members - OK if the groups are static.
2) On the Group Attributes page set the read password(s?) to  " 
id:*  -id:NeilHerber "

The syntax of #2 may be wrong ...

Neil Herber
Corporate info at http://www.eton.ca/ 

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