[pmwiki-users] @_site_edit problem with latest stable

Jean-Fabrice [gmail] jeanfabrice at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 08:49:36 CDT 2006

> Here PmWiki is working the way it's designed to work.  If a page is
> protected with "@_site_edit", then someone needs the site edit
> password in order to read it (even if that someone knows the
> page's 'edit' password).
> In other words, PmWiki doesn't consider that 'edit'
> permissions automatically bestow 'read' permissions.  If a page
> has a read password of 'apple' and an edit password of 'banana',
> then one still needs to know the read password in order to
> view the page.
> One way to resolve this for now is to simply copy the edit passwords
> into the read password field for the page.

I may have not explain very well the problem I have (which is similar
to the one described here :)
I'm using the AuthUser core function with the following settings in
farmconfig.php :
$AuthUser['admin'] = array('<encreyptedpass>','@admins');
$AuthUser['editor'] = array('<encryptedpass>','@editors');
$DefaultPasswords['read'] = 'id:*';
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = array('@admins','@editors');
$DefaultPasswords['upload'] = array('@admins','@editors');
$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = '@admins';
$DefaultPasswords['attr'] = $DefaultPasswords['admin'];

I found that, after having logged, editor cannot read a Group.Page
when Group.Attributes contains passwdread=@_site_edit


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