[pmwiki-users] User Auth doesn't work on my site

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Wed Oct 4 07:34:27 CDT 2006

[question to PM below]

thank you. Excellent advice. The one thing I didn't know and which might
be interest to point out for other people, is that if one enters a
string like "id:mike" in the password field of ?action=attr, this string
remains readable in the future, i.e. one can see what one has entered.

So, compared to my ideal preferred solution -- discussed recently here,
namely to allow setting of site/group/page passwords directly in
config.php -- this one almost makes it:
+ I can see per page/group who has which permissions
+ I can edit the passwords or just have to remember which passwd I gave
to whom

Some drawbacks:
- I can't see in one place which pages all have passwords set. I.e., to
re-setup the whole password scheme, I am forced to click myself through
the entire blog to see where a password is set
- Actually, I find the usage of "user/password" more complicated and
unnecessary as compared to PmWiki's "password-only" scheme. But that's ok.

Question to PM:
PM recently mentioned that he had written a small script that lists all
pages which have passwords set. Does anyone remember that or have it
available? PM, could you let me have it?



Ben Wilson wrote on 04.10.2006 01:23:
> On 10/3/06, Mike <mike at widowitz.com> wrote:
>> Ben,
>> thanks for the advice. My problem is that I don't primarily want to use
>> it for username management purposes, but because I want to have a
>> central overview (for the admin only) to see/set/control all passwords
>> in one place.
>> I understand that AuthUser is supposed to do that, while UserAuth is not.
> Used in conjunction with AuthUser, HtpasswdForm helps manage user
> accounts.[1] I believe this would satisfy your quandary with password
> management.
>> If you have any alternative solution to this, greatly welcome! If I
>> don't find a solution, very very quickly I will be very confused about
>> which permissions I have given to whom and for which pages/groups etc..
> You may be interested in the AuthUser section on Organizing Accounts
> into Groups.[2]
> Ben
> [1]: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/HtpasswdForm
> [2]: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/AuthUser

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