[pmwiki-users] RFC -- POP3 to PmWiki

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Wed Oct 4 07:28:44 CDT 2006


I want to request comments on doing POP3->PmWiki.

Would everyone agree with subject->pagename?

How would one specify what group to put the email in?  I would  
probably have to make it so the admin can override and force all  
emails into a group -- but also allow the group to be specified by  

It can be:
Subject: This is the Group.This Would Become The Page Name

What other in-email directives would be needed?

I can set it up to auto-recognize username from the email when email  
addresses are AVAILABLE (such as in the AuthUserDbase extension I  
wrote).  But then what about password?  no one wants their password  
floating around in a plain-text email.

What about allowing a separate "post by email" password?

How would one encode the password in the body of the email?

I would recommend that the email address that posts go to NEVER be  
put on a web page.  Otherwise you'll have a lot of spam in the wiki  
from spammail.  However, it could require a posting code in the email  
as well.

Subject: This is the Group.This Would Become The Page Name

(:postcode IWantMyMTV:)
(:postauthor XES:)
!Fire Sale
Everything on sale!  PmWiki '''''100% off'''''!

The plan is that if I do this, I will be using a PHP pop3 module for  
PmWiki.  At most, it can be called every time PmWiki is run.  I can  
have it "squelch" checking POP3 so that you can have a minimum time  
between email calls.  I can't rely on people having PHP CLI access,  
cron, procmail, fetchmail, etc.  so I will probably limit the max  
number of emails it can process each time PmWiki is run.

If someone has a better idea, or a way of forking the process to be  
separate from the HTTP browser-called PmWiki process, I would  
appreciate knowing, but I'm trying to see if it's feasible to do this  
in a way that is system-agnostic.

It's possible I can make this able to be run both PHP-CLI and via  
config.php in PmWiki, so that people have that choice.  In fact, that  
would probably be best.

(anyone who does not know -- PHP-CLI means command line interface --  
that makes PHP a system scripting language, and can process code  
without a browser.  It means that you can set up a scheduled call to  
the script to pull down emails, rather than needing a user with a  
browser, along with the delay associated with waiting for the POP3  
check waiting for the next Wiki page to load).

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