[pmwiki-users] Mailling list Reply-To:

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Wed Oct 4 03:06:20 CDT 2006

Would be fine with me, though I really got used to hitting reply-all for
 this list :-)

Oliver Betz wrote on 04.10.2006 10:03:
> Hello All,
> is there a prevailing opinion in this list whether the list software 
> should set the Reply-To: to the list address or leave it untouched?
> IMO the Reply-To: should be set to the list address, because most 
> replies should go to the list, and users forget to change the address 
> so valuable information is lost.
> There seems to be little risk in this list that flames, insults or 
> confidental stuff is sent inadvertently to the list (Chip Rosenthal's 
> main arguments against "Reply-To" Munging).
> Oliver

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