[pmwiki-users] PmWiki Magazine proposed Submission/Approval Process

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 12:11:11 CDT 2006

On 10/1/06, Crisses <crisses at kinhost.org> wrote:
> requests for online publication using PmWiki.
> Why not just have an "@authors" group and set edit permissions on -Drafts to
> "@authors"
> I'm not understanding why you're talking about another authentication level.

-Drafts is a rather new thing for me, so I've not looked much at the
practical use as yet. So, I did not know that you could set the edit
permissions automatically on newly minted -Drafts pages. I thought
they inherited the permissions of the Group. Last I checked,
permissions at group did not indicate any special permission for
-Drafts pages, and only handled read, edit, attr, and admin.

I gathered that 'comments' would have an intermediate permission
between read and edit so as to allow the administrator/editor to
determine who could make comments.

Ben Wilson
"All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man." HDT

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