[pmwiki-users] PmWiki 2.1.7 released

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed May 31 23:59:36 CDT 2006

I've just released pmwiki-2.1.7, now available from the usual 

This release introduces a variety of improvements and bugfixes.
There should not be any difficulties with upgrading an existing
2.1.x installation to 2.1.7, with the possible (but unlikely)
exception for sites that are customizing the handling of 'vspace'
(see below).  The other items are all bug fixes or feature
improvements that should be rather benign as far as upgrading
existing sites is concerned.

--> Vspace paragraphs are now divs: Version 2.1.7 changes the way 
that PmWiki handles vertical space in output (the infamous 
<p class='vspace></p> sequence). Instead of using paragraphs, 
PmWiki now generates <div class='vspace'></div> for vertical 
space sequences. In addition, PmWiki is able to collapse the 
vspace <div> with any subsequent paragraph tags, such that 
a sequence like

    <div class='vspace></div><p>...paragraph text...</p>

is automatically converted to

    <p class='vspace'>...paragraph text...</p>

This allows for better control over paragraph spacing. It is 
expected that this change in vspace handling will not have 
any detrimental effects on existing sites. Sites that have 
set custom values for $HTMLVSpace will continue to use the 
custom value. A site that wants to restore PmWiki's earlier 
handling of vspace can do so by adding the following to 

    $HTMLVSpace = "<p class='vspace'></p>";

--> Improved email notifications of changes: Version 2.1.7 
incorporates a notify.php script that provides improved 
capabilities for sending email notifications in response 
to page changes. This script is intended to replace the 
previous MailPosts capability, which is now deprecated 
(but will continue to be supported in PmWiki 2.1.x). 
Details and instructions for using notify.php are in the 
PmWiki.Notify page.

--> Added 'group home page' syntax: A group name followed 
by only a dot or slash is now automatically treated as a 
reference to the group's home page, whatever it happens to be. 
This simplifies some pagelist templates as well as a number 
of other items. In particular, group links in pagelist 
output now points to the correct locations (instead of 
being a page in the current group).

--> Several bugs and vulnerabilities have been fixed:

    * The default width of edit forms is now more 
      appropriate for Internet Explorer.
    * Authentication failure messages from LDAP are now suppressed.
    * Some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in uploads and 
      page links have been corrected (courtesy Moritz Naumann, 
    * A problem with invalid pagenames resulting in redirect 
      loops has been corrected. 

Comments, questions, suggestions appreciated as always.


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