[pmwiki-users] Newbie Q. Creating my own pages (am I being silly?)

locc2 locc2 at comcast.net
Wed May 31 23:00:48 CDT 2006

So I'm new to this....

I have PMWiki downloaded and installed on my web server. I've followed 
the config and basic set-up instructions. I have a working wiki (hurray!).

BUT what I have is the PMwiki documentation and startup pages - which I 
can edit and add to etc. I can add new pages.  I can add groups. But I'm 
missing (ie not understanding) how I start a new 'blank' wiki ! Surely I 
don't delete and amend all the PMWiki stuff that's already there. Please 
could somebody let me know how I start off a nice new empty blank wiki.

Thanks in advance

- Chris

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