[pmwiki-users] authuser.php crash (ref PITS 00737)

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Wed May 31 16:21:33 CDT 2006

Ben Wilson said...
> I just posted dbauth-0.2.php. This _should_ work better. Dbauth has no
> knowledge of groups--it leaves Site.AuthUser to store those. It simply
> expects username and password, and when it finds a match it returns
> true.
> I need to fix this script so the administrator does not have to edit
> the recipe to set values. I'll try to get a newer version out _soon_.
> The only problem is today is one of my long days in class (5 hours
> straight). Being the first week, I have to actually pay attention. So,
> expect the next release to include the site-specific flexibility.
> After that, I should try to leave some integration hooks with
> htpassword.php and membership.php. I would also like to add group
> support and include the SQL to build an appropriate table.
> As a word of background. I wrote dbauth to access the user table of a
> PunBB forum--and had users register there to access a restricted site.
> This was written well over a year ago and I have not tried to spruce
> up the code. This past fortnight was my own private Summer of Code,
> and I left that recipe out. Perhaps I can squeeze out one-more-week.

Just wanted to finish off by saying that we soon got the new dbauth-
0.2.php working - there was a bit of toing and froing off list.

It now works with groups, which is very powerful, especially for those 
of us with an established userbase currently authenticating via MySQL. 
It's also very neat that it seamlessly works with both MySQL and PmWiki 

Thanks to Ben for a great piece of work.


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