[pmwiki-users] PageListVariables

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Tue May 30 16:23:34 CDT 2006

I am pondering upgrading my site to use the new built
in pagelistemplates (I know, pathetic, I am still
hooked on my old recipe, it is heavily used on my
site), and perusing the docs I was surpised to find a
few ommisions.  

First off, neither this page:
nor this page:
nor this page:

describes the use of the {>$var}, {<$var} or {=$var}

Neither does this page:

but at least it is visible there.

My first question is then, where does it belong? If we
put it on the PageVariables page, it might seem a
little weird, but the page is closest to a description
of these types of things.

My second question is: is there any current way to get
the pagecount in a pagelist?  In the old recipe the
page_count, group_count and page_in_group counts were
available.  Also there was a 'divisible' conditional
to test whether a number is divisible by another
number (I know, a little weird, but very usefull). 
Together this allowed for more advanced
pagelisttemplates such as:  striping the row colors of
a table returned, listing pages in a fixed column
width table...  Are these features that you
deliberately left out or were you unaware of them


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