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Américo Albuquerque aalbuquerque at lanowar.sytes.net
Tue May 30 15:36:21 CDT 2006

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Subject: Re: [pmwiki-users] New PmWiki Features Page . . .
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 14:08:16 -0500
From: "Ben Wilson"

 > While I've been toeing my own line about sticking to the features
 > list, John McGinnis has shown the need to add a key feature that
 > highlights the flexibility of PmWiki. John Rankin points out the
 > coherent design--what I would call a "clean" design. Both are parts of
 > PmWiki's philosophy and I suppose a bit of overlap between features
 > and philosophy is involved. This is especially true with Pm's comment
 > that the PmWiki philosophy is often cited.
I would also add the ability of changing the way PmWiki acts without the 
need to change it's code. It's not been the first time and it probably 
won't be the last, that a feature that some user wanted didn't needed a 
coded recipe or a change in the software's code and was made using 
PmWiki own mechanics. As an example there is the preview while editing  
discussion and, more recently, the condition authority on date. Ok, it 
had some programming, but was made in the config.php file and didn't 
required some fancying programming to achieve it. I think that this also 
speaks about the versatility of the software. And there is the fact that 
this kind of change can be done explicitly to just a group by using a 
file called '$Group.php'. In fact, it was this feature that attracted me 
to PmWiki, that and because it was written in php :)

 > So, here are two features that probably could be added to the Features
 > page, but with the overlap, it may be better to (:include:) rather
 > than add. One of my goals for the Feature page was that it could be
 > something a prospective user could print out and read and provide a
 > concise, thorough treatment of what PmWiki offers.
That would be great. Many of the things PmWiki can do, we find them out 
in the mailing-list, normally with question like "can PmWiki do this?" 
or "can this be done in PmWiki?" or "how can I do this?"

Americo Albuquerque

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