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Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Tue May 30 13:38:51 CDT 2006

That was one of the qualities I was hoping to work into the features.
The page I put together I consider a rough draft. I believe the
feature would be "flexible." It is also one of my more favored
features. Maybe that would go in the "General Features" section so it
would be more prominent?


On 5/30/06, John McGinnis <john.mcginnis at comcast.net> wrote:
> An aspect of PMWiki that probably needs emphasis is the erector set like
> quality of the software. Multitudes of Wikis are a 'like it or lump it this
> is it' mindset and so either the product is lacking something or has
> features not needed by the developer. Only a few have a pluggable software
> feature like PMWiki. And to my mind PMWiki's Recipe format is probably the
> easiest software enhancement layout I have seen for a wiki.
> You might go so far as to say that PmWiki at it's base config is a Platform
> or Workbench tool.  One can add to that platform premade tools or roll your
> own. But if we go down that path as a feature; then documentation needs
> expand to one of also publishing an API like document as well. You would
> want to have a succinct doc set that lays out in clear detail the pieces
> that go into using and developing more Recipes. The how to is not hard, the
> PMWiki.com site has all the pieces scattered about. And if even I can figure
> it out most anybody else can.

Ben Wilson
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