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Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Mon May 29 13:04:14 CDT 2006

We simply disagree as we have disparate points of view. Neil has a
great deal of experience in making business decisions, and I wrote for
people who lack such experience and/or want a quick and dirty once

So, rather than begin a disagreeing death spiral of discussion I will
let my laborious email stand on its merits (or demerits). I know Neil
and I will not reach agreement and to argue on would be detremental to
the list in general. I'm fairly sure he agrees. Besides, there are
more fun things to discuss. :-)

Kind regards,
Ben Wilson.

On 5/29/06, Neil Herber <nospam at eton.ca> wrote:
> At 2006-05-29  11:38 AM -0500, Ben Wilson is rumored to have said:
> >This list was put together for prospective
> >users to make a technical or business decision. Those decision makers
> >need as many relevant facts as possible in a concise fashion so they
> >may make a sound decision. As such a decision maker, I prefer to see
> >warts and all.[5]
> If someone is going to make a business decision concerning the
> suitability of any software for their needs, then I would hope that
> the first thing they would do would be a needs analysis. This would
> identify and rank the features that they need for their application.
> It would not be a generic list of common software features.
> As long as any software description honestly sets out its
> capabilities, the evaluation of various alternatives only requires
> each product to describe what it does - not what it can't do.
> If there is a high-priority item on the needs list that is not
> included in the software description, then that will be quickly evident.
> I don't think that omitting things that PmWiki can't do is attempting
> to cover up any warts.
>  From a practical point of view, creating a list of features is
> completely objective, while creating a list of non-features is
> completely subjective.
> On the other hand, a list of features that have been *purposely
> omitted* from PmWiki can be constructed objectively, and it provides
> an opportunity to show a prospective user some of the thinking behind PmWiki.

Ben Wilson
" Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur"

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