[pmwiki-users] Condition authority on date?

Allister Jenks arj at zkarj.co.nz
Sun May 28 22:45:11 CDT 2006

Anybody got any clever ideas to simplify this situation?

I have a website which has some pages with date-conditioned content.
Essentially, a portion of the site will 'launch' on a given date.
Some of my basic pages are conditioned on (:if date 2006-06-01.. :) to
reflect the pre- and post-launch situations.

Additionally, an entire wiki group (Issue1) is currently secured to
user group @Issue1Pending - which has no members.  On June 1st I need
to change the authorisation of the Issue1 wiki group to the @Issue1
user group which already has many members.  Voila!  The site is

My problem is that despite having all the other parts of the site (not
in the Issue1 group) adapting based on pre- or post-launch conditions
(i.e. the date) I still have to get up at midnight and change that one
authority entry.  :-(

The key point here is the Issue1 wiki group should not be accessible
until June 1st.


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