[pmwiki-users] Creating a Blog

José Geraldo Gouvêa jggouvea at gmail.com
Sun May 28 21:28:18 CDT 2006

Hello, everyone,

I have perfected my blog recipe and it is now ready for use. Any of you 
interested on blogging could post it to the PmWiki site -- it is really a 
simple way to blog.

Em Quinta 25 Maio 2006 21:57, José Geraldo Gouvêa escreveu:

> I am particularly interested in how to create a blog within my site. I have
> developed my own recipe for it, using bits of code from PageListsExplained
> and PageListTemplates.  My recipe is based on two things, one page
> (Main/Novidades) containing just the following code:
> (:pagelist fmt=List#include order=-time list=normal
> group=-PmWiki*,-Main,-Site name=-Blog,-Lista,-FullName,-Humor count=4:)

Just replace "order=-time" with "order=-ctime" so that eventual minor changes 
made to old wikipages will not cause them to appear in the list. However, the 
date show after (see format below) is still the $LastModified. Using the 
recipe found at PmWiki/PageVariables I solved this too:

> and a page (Main/List) containing the following code:
> [[#include]]

> !!![[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]] - {=$LastModified}
> (:include {=$FullName} self=0 lines=2..3:)
> -------------
> [[#includeend]]
> The results are very close to what I want: the page Main/Novidades displays
> the titles (as links) and the first lines of every page that has been
> recently modified -- I have put lines=2..3 because every first line of each
> page contains a (:toc:), an (:include:) for a common header (I will move
> later to a GroupHeader and often a (:title:) tag because Portuguese
> typographic conventions are not respected by PmWiki, even using i18n.

I have removed **both** the (:toc:) and the (:include:) and am not using 
GroupHeader either -- but I still theed to explicit "!{$Titlespaced}" in the 
first line, so that pmwiki2pdf will give titles to the generated pages.

> My recipe just need two extra ingredients :
> 1 - I would like to be able to include not the pages recently mofied, but
> the pages recently created (I may modify the pages often to tweak and
> improve the layout -- see GroupHeader statement above).

Done! See above.

> 2 - I would like to rss the page Main/Novidades, but when I do it it does
> not skip the first line of each page, so (:toc:) (:title:) and the header
> are displayed within the feed.

For some strange reason akregator is not showing page text any more (just the 
title) so I can't tell if the problem persists. Anyway, it seems to matter 
very little.

Now, how does the wiki work?

My sidebar contains three groups of links:

"New Pages"
"Random Page"
"Recent Changes"

"Group 1"
"Group 2"
"Group 3"
"Group 4"
"Group 5"


* New Pages show those bits of the most recently added pages.
* Random Page uses the code below.
* Recent Changes points to Recent updates (the same code as "New Pages", 
except that using "order=-time"
* Groups are the diverse subjects found in the site
* Categories are because some pages are group in categories.

=======Random Page Code==========
(:pagelist fmt=Main/List#random group=*,-PmWiki*,-Site,-Main 
name=-Lista,-PDF,-GroupHeader,-GroupFooter list=normal order=random count=1:)
=======Random Page Format======== (Saved to a page named Main/List)
(:include {=$FullName} self=0 lines=2..20:)

I believe this is the closest to a blog that you can make with the current 
pmwiki release and recipes and, believe me, I tried everything else and it 
was either a) more complicated or b) not as functional.

There is another good point to this too: it does not require anything but a 
plain pmwiki installation!

As for my site, I cannot show it to you so far because it's still offline. It 
will be a collection of my literary works and miscellanea and I will only put 
it online when I finish typing everything. However, except for the recipes 
and minor tweaks to the looks I am using the "flckr" skin (though it is also 
compatible with "notsosimple" and "php-nuke".

Thanks for everyone who wrote to me on PVT with ideas.

José Geraldo Gouvêa

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