[pmwiki-users] print feature request

David Goadby dg at pixel-plus.co.uk
Sun May 28 09:42:10 CDT 2006


I have been using PmWiki for all sorts of things but one on my favourites is
for documenting projects. As a collaborative effort the documentation
(nearly) always gets done and is always available online for all to see.

Now, I need to print one of my projects off in it's entirety. I can do this
manually of course using FinePrint but it is a chore.

What I want to do is print everything from the top "node" downwards with one
page per item in a hierarchical way. Possibly a PDF would be good too but I
have other means of doing this. A page index would be good too but that may
be a page too far.

Any idea if this has ever been done? If not then I guess I must brush up on
my php... ;-)



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