[pmwiki-users] email notification of page changes (watchlists)

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Sat May 27 06:00:01 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud schrieb:
> On pmwiki.org I now have a preliminary implementation of edit
> notifications via email.


And the basic mechanism looks good.

I see one problem with it: it doesn't play well in an environment with 
user-based authentication. Mail notifications are configured through a 
single page that needs to be editable by everybody with read access to 
PmWiki (configuring mail notifications should be roughly equivalent with 
read access after all). In a wiki where not all users are trusted 
equally, this isn't feasible.

So *if* there's user-based authentication, *and* users have personal 
pages, PmWiki should take the watch list off that user's personal page 
(if every user gets a group, it could be taken off the user's NotifyList 


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