[pmwiki-users] PmCal next and previous links go to the wrong place

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Fri May 26 14:44:30 CDT 2006

Tegan Dowling wrote:
> This is surely because I'm not using the recipe as designed - I'm just
> wondering if there's an easy way for me to tweak the behavior:
> I have a wiki where I'm trying to give each user his/her own
> wikigroup.  So each wikigroup needs to perform multiple purposes - and
> I'd like a personal calendar to be one of those purposes.  If I create
> a page named "Calendar" in such a group, and put on it (:pmcal:), then
> the PmCalendar recipe (installed just as it downloaded), does its
> thing very nicely, displaying a clean, simple calendar on the page
> "Calendar".  Click a date, and a fresh page with the date as name
> comes up for content to be added to.  All loverly, again.
> But back on the page "Calendar", if I click the "next" arrow to the
> right of the Month name, I get sent to the group's
> /HomePage?month=6&day=1&year=2006 - which doesn't give me a calendar
> view, since the calendar isn't installed on the HomePage.

The PmCalendar is designed assuming that it will be placed into
it's own group and the location of the markup inside of
the GroupHeader or GroupFooter of the group.

You can create an empty Calendar.Calendar or Calendar.HomePage
by simply putting some kind of markup there.. could be
as simple as:

(:comment place holder:)

> __SO the question is__
> How can I change the code for the arrows to send to
> {$Name}?month=6&day=1&year=2006 instead of
> HomePage?month=6&day=1&year=2006?
> Another little request:  Can you provide the syntax of a conditional
> statement for my GroupHeader that would do something like
> (:if name YYYYMMDD:) [[Calendar | go to Calendar]](:if:)
> so I can show a link to the page Calendar if the page I'm viewing is a
> date-page?

As it was designed, the Calendar will show up as part of the
GroupFooter (for example) on any page contained within
the Calendar group (or whatever group it's setup in).

This may not be the answer you were looking for... but it's
the answer I have right now...



> Thanks!
> Tegan

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