[pmwiki-users] PmCal next and previous links go to the wrong place

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Fri May 26 13:09:51 CDT 2006

This is surely because I'm not using the recipe as designed - I'm just
wondering if there's an easy way for me to tweak the behavior:

I have a wiki where I'm trying to give each user his/her own
wikigroup.  So each wikigroup needs to perform multiple purposes - and
I'd like a personal calendar to be one of those purposes.  If I create
a page named "Calendar" in such a group, and put on it (:pmcal:), then
the PmCalendar recipe (installed just as it downloaded), does its
thing very nicely, displaying a clean, simple calendar on the page
"Calendar".  Click a date, and a fresh page with the date as name
comes up for content to be added to.  All loverly, again.

But back on the page "Calendar", if I click the "next" arrow to the
right of the Month name, I get sent to the group's
/HomePage?month=6&day=1&year=2006 - which doesn't give me a calendar
view, since the calendar isn't installed on the HomePage.

__SO the question is__
How can I change the code for the arrows to send to
{$Name}?month=6&day=1&year=2006 instead of

Another little request:  Can you provide the syntax of a conditional
statement for my GroupHeader that would do something like
(:if name YYYYMMDD:) [[Calendar | go to Calendar]](:if:)
so I can show a link to the page Calendar if the page I'm viewing is a



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