[pmwiki-users] hierarchical groups, revisited

John McGinnis john.mcginnis at comcast.net
Fri May 26 10:56:32 CDT 2006

Dan, Pm,


The discussion to date seems to revolve around the relationship of  link
references between subgroups. But I don't know if that is all the issues as
the initial discussions of [[Animal.Feline]] have indicated. The hierarchy
structure needs to be a tad more flexible.


Assume something for a moment, I have the following structure with all pages
in the Group Vehicles:


Cars     -->GM    --> Buick --> Electra

                                     --> LaSabre

                                     --> Lucerine

                        --> GMC --> Tahoe

                        --> Chevy--> Camaro

                                     --> Caprice


But now I want to have an overlay like this:


Cars     --> Full Size       --> Electra

                                    --> Tahoe

                                    --> Caprice

                                    --> (Entries from other car mfrs)


Presumably one can derive both hierarchies without regenerating all the
supporting pages. Worse yet, entries GM, Buick, GMC, Chevy, and Full Size
should be assumed to be wiki pages as well without any group dependencies
derived from the prior hierarchy. Something like a Wiki Trail would come
close if I could implant the necessary Hierarchical nesting of the pages in
the trail as well as inheritance of the Root page attributes. Maybe what is
needed is a Wiki Tree? Some 'nice to have' attributes:


*	Attribute inheritance (or not, user option) to child from parent.
The page layout for example could be inherited from Full Size rather than
from Buick for the page Electra. 
*	Hierarchical references are independent of the usual page syntax. I
think it should be inherent that in referencing the pages one is not making
a normal wiki page reference. Something like [# . #] than [[../<some
page>]]. Visual inspection should tell the author this is not a relative
*	Precedence. I would hazard that if an existing page is included in a
hierarchy that the preference would be that in the event that there are page
directives that conflict, that the directive from the hierarchy wins. 
*	Hierarchical definition would appear in Search and (:pagelist:)
results like any other group:pages. 


Observations from an interested user.








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