[pmwiki-users] Strange mixing of urls.

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu May 25 13:11:19 CDT 2006

Hi all!

Continue to be amazed with PmWiki and how easy it is to do new things.
 Just been experimenting with titles, and love it.

Anyway, somehow in the process PmWiki began getting confused about the
paths to use for things like style sheets and images. (My home
version, being run on Apache/XP).  Listed below is some of the source
just to show you the problem.  Started just after I added another
config page for one specific page, but messed up the whole site. Did
it once before but seemed to correct itself, when I came back to it

>From page source:

<link rel='stylesheet'

<!--HeaderText--><style type='text/css'><!--
  ul, ol, pre, dl, p { margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px; }
<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'
href='http://localhost/fastwiki/fast/pub/css/local.css' />

<body bgcolor="#EEEEEE"
<p><br><a href='http://localhost/fastwiki/fast/index.php?n=Main.Main'
style="text-decoration: none"><img
width=570 height=64 border=0></a>


You will notice some urls have the online path, some have the local
path.  I've checked the various files to see if I could spot the
problem but can't seem to find anything pointing online.  Any


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