[pmwiki-users] (:if date

Marco Ferretti marco.ferretti at gmail.com
Thu May 25 05:16:45 CDT 2006

Hi all.

I want to create a new markup starting from (:if date :) markup ( see my post 
"(:pagelist :) : need to filter by strange stuff .." ) .

What I want it to act like is to test, instead of against the current date, 
against a date passed as parameter : 

(:if date2 TEST DATE1..DATE2 :)

so that I can test 

(:if date2 $ctime DATE1..DATE2 :)

I was looking at stdmarkup.php, and it looks like easy to create a new 
function starting from 

function CondDate($condparm)

What I am missing is where the (:if date :) is defined.

sorry if it looks trivial to you, but I am trying to learn php & pmwiki.



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