[pmwiki-users] automatic formatting -- how is this controlled?

Curtis, Clayton Clayton.Curtis at va.gov
Wed May 24 16:16:50 CDT 2006

Jo Rhett wrote:
> 1. Create a new page.
> 2. Copy some block of normal text into it. 
> 3. Do no formatting and save it.
> The text appears exactly as copied.  Nice.
> Now, go back and add http://some.where/page.html to the text.
> Suddenly anything without a line separating itself from that link gets
> wrapped as normal html flow.

Hmmm... Maybe it depends on what you mean by a "block of normal text".
I get line fill / flow from the get-go, and adding the link doesn't
change anything.  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.

Clayton Curtis

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