[pmwiki-users] Problems Uploading

Steve Rowe think1blue at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 14:57:07 CDT 2006

It's so hard to remember the timeline, but I may have
also made these changes since my last successful

1) I updated to version 1.0.2 of the GoogleMapAPI
recipe.  I don't know much about $HTMLStylesFmt, but I
do see it mentioned in the release notes and my
setting in gMapAPI.php is:

$HTMLStylesFmt['gmap_api'] = 'div#map{ height: 500px;

2) Some users were having an issue with the "Border"
format of the Triad skin, so I changed it to the fixed
width "800" mode.

(SDV($DefaultPageWidth, '800');  # wide, 800 or

3) Because of an issue I was having when editing a
page, I made this change in layout-main.css:

#wikiedit textarea { width: 99%; margin:5px 0 }

to this:

.wikiedit form { margin:0px; width:100%; }
.wikiedit textarea { width: 100%; margin:5px 0 }

but I'm pretty sure I was having the upload problems
before this change.

4) Lastly, I made a minor font-size change in
PmCal-Mini.css which I thought would have no impact.

--- "Curtis, Clayton" <Clayton.Curtis at va.gov> wrote:

> Steve Rowe wrote:
> > Today I commented out everything in my config.php
> > regarding uploading excpet this:
> >
> > $EnableUpload = 1;
> > $DefaultPasswords['upload'] = crypt('quick');
> >
> > Yet, when I try to upload it asks me for the
> password
> > and then when I hit enter it hangs.
> I had a similar problem until today, which I found
> was related to a
> group-specific php script affecting
> $HTMLStylesFmt['form'], suggesting
> that one possibility is that something done to
> establish your
> look-and-feel might side effect the upload form and
> cause a hang. Did
> you do anything besides 'just' updating to 2.1.6?
> Clayton Curtis

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