[pmwiki-users] Mailing List Replies

Steve Rowe think1blue at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 14:01:33 CDT 2006

This is probably a dumb question, but I have to ask

To ask a question using this mailing list, I just send
an email to pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com.  I then receive
an email compilation of the last 10 questions/answers.

But my question is, how do you reply to one of those
replies?  I end up cutting it out of the compilation
and pasting it into a new email and retyping Re:
yada-yada-yada in the subject line.

I know you all must be just replying somehow because I
see the > symbol in front of the previous note's
lines. What am I missing?  How do you reply to just
one email?


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